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We understand the local and international market resulting from living and working in United Kingdom, Ireland and Ghana for many years. Save the time and stress trying to sell your products and services in global markets. If you like what we stand for and interested in doing business with us, contact us at

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Frequently asked questions

If you are a buyer looking for high quality International products and services, then you are at the right place. We recognise and understand how significant this decision is for you. Our firm is there to assist you reach your business objectives

Whether you are a manufacturer or supplier of products or services and worried about selling or expanding your market across national borders, we can help you find international buyers for your goods and services at a profitable margin for a fee or commission

We charge a percentage of the total value of the goods and service as our commission. This percentage can differ, but is normally around 15%. Generally, the smaller the value of the transaction the larger the commission and vice versa. Commissions above 15% are negotiable. If the total value of the goods you are selling or buying from a seller or buyer in an international market (including freight cost) is valued or estimated at £100,000 to a buyer in an international market, the commission or fee would be £15,000

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